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This article will guide you on how to enable RCON and how to set the RCON in your configuration files.



Rcon can be enabled to provide remote access to the server for administrative tasks that don’t require you to join the server. This is implemented using the Source Engine Rcon Protocol which has clients available for it such as mcrcon.

Enabling Access

Rcon can be enabled either through modifying Game.ini or through the server’s command line. To enable it via the command line you can provide the arguments -Rcon -RconPassword=password -RconListenPort=27015 (Note: replacing the password and port with your preference.)


Through Game.ini you can add the following options:






ListenPort= Your RCON port


The following additional config variables are also available:







If enabled, then the rcon socket will listen on all available network devices.


If bUseBroadcastAddress is False, this is the network IP the rcon socket is bound to.



When enabled, any unknown rcon commands will be interpreted as console commands.



The maximum number of failed authentication attempts before the IP address is temporarily banned.



The amount of time (in minutes) a client is banned from attempting to connect to rcon if they’ve reached their maximum number of attempts.

*Please note that the // that you see before a line is used to ignore the text or command on that said line.

If it gets complicated, please don't hesitate to contact our technical support by creating a ticket.

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