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This guide will show you how to manage player bans for your DayZ server.

If you need to manage or maintain your server or manage player bans there are some really useful tools that you can use to do this:


Method 1

EPM RCon - Can be used to kick/ban players, send in-game messages globally or directly to a player, view other Admins signed in via RCon and their IPs, change the missions of the server on the y, restart, stop, lock, unlock the server, set the max ping of the server, force update bans on the server (Load changes made to the bans.txt) force update scripts/other BE Filters (Load changes made to the BE Filters) Another Benefit is that EPM RCon keeps a database of all users ever connected to a server while you were logged in via RCon. Including their Name, GUID and IP. (With Search Features)

Download EPM RCon -


Method 2

DayZ Dart - This is an external tool made specially for DayZ which works on Arma2, Arma2CO and DayZ and it can be use on your home computer or remote server desktop to Kick/Ban or manage your users. You can also change the server mission and restart the mission on the server.

Download Dart -


Method 3

Battlewarden - This is an external tool that you can use on your home computer or remote server desktop to Kick/Ban or manage your users. You can also change the server mission and restart the mission on the server.

Download Battlewarden -

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