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This guide will show you how to change the Login and Logout Time for your DayZ server

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Follow these simple steps if you want to edit the time for Login and Logout of your Dayz Server:


1. Login to the Game Panel (click this link for easy access) then go to your Game Service.

Make sure the server isn't running. If it is, press the Stop button. 

DayZ - Stop Server


2. On the left side panel, click on "File Manager".

DayZ - File Manager


3. Navigate to mpmissions/<currentlySelectedMission>/db/. In this example, it's mpmissions/dayzOffline.chernarusplus/db/. Right click on the globals.xml file and click on Edit. 

DayZ - Edit golbals.xml


4. Locate the following lines:
<var name="TimeLogin" type="0" value="15"/>
<var name="TimeLogout" type="0" value="15"/>

DayZ - Login & Logout values
These lines represent the values you want to modify. Change the values as per your requirements. Simply replace the existing values (e.g., "15") with the desired values.

5. Press Save & Exit once you're done.

DayZ - Save & Exit globals.xml

6. Go back to your Game Panel and run your server again by pressing on the Start button.

DayZ - Start Server


7. Connect to your server without any contaminated areas. Happy gaming!

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