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Warning: We recommend that the all servers in the cluster are in the same geographical location, so players don't have increased latency when connecting to each server. It is possible to have servers in completely different locations, however.

Warning: Make sure if you are running mods that all of your servers run the exact same mods to avoid potential problems.

It's super easy to cluster your Path of Titans servers so that your Dinosaurs are available across all of your servers. Perform the following process:

  1. Go to the game panel for all the servers you want to cluster.
  2. Select the "Command line Manager"
  3. Click "Selected" on the default command line
  4. Make sure all your servers have the same "Auth Key"
  5. Using the dropdown menu for "database" change it to "Remote - For Clustered Servers"
  6. Press Apply. 

Enjoy your clustered servers!


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