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This article highlights how to use RCON
Note: We are not responsible for third party mods/applications if they break/do not work.
e are simply providing the links and are not the developer so our support is limited.
Kindly consult original developers for support.


Important Notes:

1) Your Server IP and Port are what you should connect to be followed by your RCON password you set in the main configuration file.

e.g. If your game server IP is and your Port is 1234, you should connect to ip
Use your RCON password after.

2) RCON Application Clients

Some clients recommend using IceCon. There are Windows, Linux and Mac versions of this.
You can download it here:

Default Commands:

To get server information (Id of player, IP of player & Ping)

Usage: clientkick [playerId] [reason]
Description: to kick a player from your server

Usage: tempbanclient [playerId] [reason]
Description: to ban a player from your server
Already included:
Usage: map [mapname]
Description: to change map of the server

Usage: gametypes [resourcename]
Description: to change gametypes of the server

Usage: say [your message]
Description: to send a message from outside

Usage: tell [playerId] [your message]
Description: to send a message to a specific player

Usage: start [resourcename]
Description: starts the specified resource

Usage: restart [resourcename]
Description: restarts the specified resource

Usage: stop [resourcename]
Description: stops the specified resource

Usage: refresh
Description: refresh ressources

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