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This article highlights some documentation on some of the third party one-click mods we offer.

Note: Citadel Servers is not responsible for any lost files during the reinstallation. Kindly ensure to back-up your files before you proceed with the steps below.

UPDATE: Please install frameworks or mods manually by searching the correct files and installation on the internet.
The Mod Manager from the server is "Outdated" at the moment, it will cause an error to the server if you use the Mod Manager.
Thank you for your patience and cooperation.
Police Mods

Admin Mod
Functionality and use:
Admins can type /ban PlayerName, reason to ban a client.
Admins can type /kick playerName, reason to kick a client
To get full list of commands type /commands
Police Mods

Arrest Mod
Functionality and use:
This mod adds a taze function when shot with a taze gun.
This mod allows players to check their wanted level by typing /wanted into the chatbox
This mod allows players to type /arrest next to a play to arrest them.
Hands Up
Functionality and use:
This mod allows players to press the X key to make their character put their hands in the air.
Siren Mod
Functionality and use:
This mod allows players to press the ThrowGrenade\Horn key to make their siren go off in a police car.
Please see other guide here for custom mod installation

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