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Necesse server
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This guide will show you how to connect to your Necesse server


Option 1: Adding your server to server list

1. Login to your Game Control Panel

2. Update the server via STEAM UPDATE

3. Go to WEB CONSOLE and set your world settings

4. Launch the game and select "Multiplayer"

5. Select "Add Server"

6. Type the name of your server in the "Name" field

7. In the IP address field, add your Connection Info IP

8. In the Port field, add your port from the Connection Info IP

9. Click "Add"

10. Select your server

Option 2: Direct Connect

1. Login to your Game Control Panel.

2. Launch the game and select "Multiplayer"

3. Select "Direct Join"

4. Type in your IP:PORT from the Game Panel

5. Click "Join"


Did the above information not work for you? Please click here to contact our support via a ticket.


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