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This guide will show you how to set up the Message of the day.

Setting up a Message of the Day is useful for letting your players know what's happening and current events. Unlike the Rules, which will not display again once the player closes the window, the MOTD will appear every single time a player logs into the server.

Important Note: The server must be stopped while editing server files. You must save your edits and restart your server for any edits to take effect.

  1. Stop your server.
  2. In the "PathofTitans/Saved" folder you must create a file called MOTD.txt. 
  3. Enter the message of the day for your server in the text file and click "Save".
  4. Start your server.

    If you specify a Discord server in your Server Config, a Discord button will appear on your MOTD as well, letting players join your community Discord server if clicked.



You can use text formatting to make your rules look nicer or better organize your messages. Formatting cannot be combined (example, <title><red>This is my title!</></> will only use the title format). We currently do not support Markdown or HTML in the Rules, we only support the formatting as described below.

You must close formatting with </>

<title> - Largest title font size.

<large> - Large font size.

<small> - Small font size.

<red> - Use red text colour.

<orange> - Use orange text colour.

<yellow> - Use yellow text colour.

<green> - Use green text colour.

<blue> - Use blue text colour.

<purple> - Use purple text colour.

<white> - Use white text colour.


Example MOTD.txt

<title>Hello everyone welcome to my community sever!</>

<blue>Join us every Friday and Saturday for the Sarco dance-off competition.</>

<small>Winners get 100 marks and a Dance Master role on our Discord server!</>

Thanks and have fun!



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