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This article will show you how to add Admins for your V Rising Game Server.

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How to set yourself or other players as Admin:

1. First of all, we need to note the SteamID64 of the player you want to set as admin. To do that, go to this link ( and input the player's profile URL. Note the player's SteamID64.


2. Login and access your game panel and navigate to your V Rising server. Make sure it's not running. If it is, press the "Stop" button.

V Rising - Stop Server


3. Go to the "Configuration Files" section

Valheim Configuration Files


4. Edit the adminlist.txt file via the Text Editor. Add the Steam ID that we noted to the text file. Each Admin is one per line.

V Rising - Text editor for adminlist.txt


5. Press "Save & Exit" once you've added all the IDs that you want to add.

V Rising - Save & Exit


To become an administrator in the game, you need to enable the console in the options menu:

1. Bring down the console with the ~ key.


2. Authenticate using the adminauth console command.


3. Once an administrator, you can use a number of administrative commands like banuserbancharacterbannedunban and kick.



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