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Rust servers hosted by Citadel Servers are automatically added to the Community or Modded server list in Rust. If your server is not appearing in this list, it is usually caused by one of multiple common reasons, and sometimes the cause may not be as obvious from the get go.
If your server is not appearing in the Rust server lists, it can usually be solved with one of the following steps:
  1. Update your Rust server - If Rust is not up to date, the server will not appear. Our system will automatically update your server after during its initial installation. But if you need to do a manual update, you may do so by going to your Control Panel > Click Steam Update. Restart your server afterwards.
  2. Update Oxide - If you are running Oxide on your server, this will need to be updated with every new Rust update (sometimes it can take a few hours for Oxide to release an update). You can install Oxide using our guide.
  3. Update any mods/plugins - If you have any modifications or plugins installed, ensure they are all up-to-date. Test these plug-ins as well one at a time to ensure that all are functioning properly and you can easily weed out a potential problematic plug-in.
  4. Clear the Steam cache - To do this, access your server files via an FTP such as FileZilla, or on the control panel under File Manager >  Enter the root directory and delete both the "appcache" and "config" folder.
  5. Shorten the server name - The server display name (hostname) can cause the server to not show in the Rust server list if the name is too long or contains special characters. Try shortening the server name, or typing it manually in your server config file to ensure that there are no invisible special characters included in the name.
  6. Wait several minutes - If you still cannot see your server in the server list, it may also simply be because it hasn't appeared yet. Sometimes it can take a few minutes for your server to appear due to the large number of servers being loaded and especially if the server is modded.


If after trying all of the above steps carefully it still isn't showing, try the following:

  1. In Steam on the top menu bar, click View and then Servers.
  2. On the window that was opened, click the Favorites tab.
  3. Click Add a server, enter your Server IP and click Add to Favorites.
  4. In Rust, you should now be able to see your server appear in the list after clicking refresh.

Special Note:

Please note that Rust will only show a maximum of 5000 servers at a time, which means it may take a while to show your server, or may not show at all. Rust will prioritize showing servers with a lower ping (servers closer to you). If you want to transfer your server to a new location, you may contact our Support Team by filing a Support Ticket.

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