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Rust supports RCON, this can be used via RustyRustAdminand Rcon:IO 

Rusty, RustAdmin, or Rcon:IO will enable you to run these commands remotely on your computer instead of in-game.

Rust console Commands

Command Description
kick <UID> “Player name” “Reason” Kicks specified player from the server.
ban “Player name” “Reason” Bans specified player from the server.
banid <UID> “Player name” “Reason” Bans a player using their SteamID.
status displays information of all currently connected clients.
say ”Message” Sends a message in chat.
users Show user info for players on server.
banlist Displays a list of banned users.
banlistex Extended ban list. Shows player names and reasons.
listid Displays a list of banned users, sorted by SteamID. Sends an airdrop from a random direction to drop crates at (0,0,0).
wakeup Forces your character to wake up.
sleep Forces your character to sleep.
kill Commits suicide.
gc.collect Recollects unused memory and unloads unused assets.
construct.frameminutes How many minutes before a placed frame gets destroyed.
chat.enabled <true/false (Default true)> Enables/disables chat.
inventory.give ITEM AMOUNT This command allows you to give items to yourself
To use these, make sure you're logged in, in the game/server or an Rcon client.


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