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This guide will show you how to identify if your ark server is clustered and the correct directories that they use.


Ark Non Clustered

When Ark is not clustered, it will be running one of two commandlines.  Default Ark/Ark with Mods 

Both of these commandlines are pointing to the save directory of File Manager > \ShooterGame\Saved\SavedArks\     

No matter if the server is changed to cluster, this will still be here unless deleted. 


Ark Clustered 

When Ark is clustered, it will run the  Enable Clustering 

When this commandline is run, the save directory of the server will change, both the Slave and the Master saves are located in the master.


The Masters save directory will look like this:

File Manager > \ShooterGame\Saved\11981\


And the slaves look like this:

 File Manager > \ShooterGame\Saved\12863\


The way you know which save is the Masters, and which save is the slaves is by looking into the commandline.

Ragnarok?MultiHome="SOC_Ragnarok"?ServerPassword=Its4p4ssw0rd?AutoSavePeriodMinutes=30?AltSaveDirectoryName=11981?OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5?PreventDownloadSurvivors=False?ServerCrosshair=True?MapPlayerLocation=True?PreventDownloadItems=False?PreventDownloadDinos=False?PreventUploadSurvivors=False?PreventUploadItems=False?PreventUploadDinos=False?AllowCrateSpawnsOnTopOfStructures=true?GameModIds=895711211,731604991,719928795?listen -server -log -servergamelog -EnableIdlePlayerKick -MapModId= -NoTransferFromFiltering -clusterid=OliverD -TotalConversionMod=


AltSaveDirectoryName=11981    is what you should make out of that, This means this server's saved data will be going to 11981.


If you have been playing on a save for a regular Ark server, and clustered it, you would Locally grab the save from the  

File Manager > \ShooterGame\Saved\SavedArks\  Directory and put it in   AltSaveDirectoryName=11981 Directory


You Have to run the workshop updater to make sure all the mods are set in correctly so when you load the save, all your S+ structures are still there and Mod dinos.

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