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The following basic guide will explain and provide a resolution to why a steam update, web console,
logs or other resources in the game panel may be blank or not show information.
This is typically caused by an unsupported browser or an antivirus software blocking the window (we have confirmed BitDefender\Malaware bytes to cause issues with this).
This can also be browser plugins such as an adblocker ( u-block origin) or duckduckgo extension that blocks javascript from running.

Solutions to the empty/white blank screen:

We would suggest using an alternative device such as your Smart Phone or Tablet as these typically will not be effected by this issue.

You can attempt to configure your anti-virus to allow our website, disabling it moment while you interact with our game control panel or to use an alternative antivirus.
Try using incognito mode in your browser ( firefox, chrome, opera ) all feature this mode where it will as standard run without extensions.

Did the above information not work for you? Please click here to contact our support via a ticket.

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