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This Article will help you through the first stages of setting, configuring and ultimately playing on your server.

To get started with configuring your server, access the Citadel Servers Game Control Panel here
Maintaining your server and Keeping up to date
To make sure your server is up to date, stop your server and click on "Steam Update" to ensure you have the latest version of the game server,.
Core Configuration files
Open the Configuration Files section in the Game Panel then click Configuration Editor on server.cfg
Note: Make sure your server is stopped or changes will not be set.
Core Settings Description
Server Hostname The name your server will be displayed as in the server browser. 
Server Password If you would like the server to be passworded, fill in the password you'd like. Otherwise leave it blank and no password be enabled on the server.
Admin Password In-game type #login <AdminPassword> to login as Admin with this password
MOTD These messages will be sent to a player when they join your server.
Enable VoIP Default is Ticked, this allows or disallows voice chat on the server.
VoIP Quality Better quality requires better internet, with bad internet you will hear voice chat as laggy and glitchy.
Enable Battleye Just keep this checked. It stops people with Admin Mods from joining your server.
Server Mission Your server mission.
MOTD Interval The number of seconds between each message.
Note: Once you have setup your configuration, click Save in the top left to save the server.cfg
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