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The following guide will show you how to resolve the error of your server showing less slots than it should.

The way Space Engineers is currently setup, it has two config files which contradict each other these are:

1. Our Main Config File (read for each new map generated)

2. The individual map config file (this overwrites our main file)

Step 1:
Log into your game panel and click 'stop' on your service.
Step 2:
Select File Manager from the icons

Step 3:
Once in File Manager navigate to /settings/saves/Your Loaded Worlds Name

Step 4:
Find the file called "Sandbox.sbc" and edit it using the icon
We suggest setting this as a favourite by clicking the star icon

Step 5:
Navigate through the file until you find the line:

Step 6:
Set this back to the slot count you ordered
*Don't set this higher than you ordered - See Note

Note: Don't set your server to a higher slot count then purchased as our systems are set to stop and automatically suspend services that have a higher slot count than they should.

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