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This article will show you how to install ULX\ULIB to your garry's mod game server.

Install ULX/ULIB via One Click Install

We provide a one click install solution for ULX and ULIB.

To install these access the Game Panel, go to your game service, then click "Mod Manager"

You can then install both here by clicking "Install"

Guide to install ULX/ULIB
If you wish to installULX/ULIB manually, you can do so by following these instructions provided here.

Download ULX and ULIB from

2.) Unzip the files from ULX and ULIB into your garrysmod/addons directory.
Once done file structures should look like



3.) After that is done restart your Garry's mod server and you should have files created in 

If you plan to edit any of the configurations for ULX or ULIB make sure to do it in these files and not the ones located in the addons directory.

Using ULX

Type the following:
ulx adduser <putyournamehere> superadmin

So, if your name was David, you'd type:
ulx adduser David superadmin

This will promote you to the superadmin rank.

Q: How do i get the List of ULX Commands?
A: Type ulx help in your game console (~ key if enabled in settings)

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