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This article aims to show you how to correctly give yourself admin in ULX Admin system in your Garry's Mod dedicated game server.

Adding yourself as Superadmin on ULX (highest possible rank) you need to follow these steps.

Requirements: ULX admin Mod - Can be installed from the Mod Manager in the Game Panel

  1. Login to our Game Panel and view/enter your game service.
  2. Enter the "Commandline Manager" tab.
  3. Locate the servers Rcon password, as you will need to use this later. Example: rcon_password "MyRconPassword"
  4. All you need, is the text inside the two quotation marks. In our example, this would be MyRconPassword
  5. Now copy it to your clipboard, and save it for later.
  6. Go back to the control panel, and enter the Web Console.
  7. Type in your RCON password, simply by pasting it into the box by pressing CTRL + V.
  8. Now its time to connect to your server, as we cannot proceed before doing so. In this example, you have connected to your server with username "Benny the great".
  9. The next command, uses only a part of your name but it has to be long enough to be unique to who is on your server.
  10. Now type in the following into your web console:
    ulx adduser benny superadmin xx
  11. You need to replace xx with the immunity you wish to have. So if there are more people with the same rank trying to kick each other, the guy with the largest immunity will be able to kick the other superadmin, but not the other way around.
  12. Now you should see ingame that console has added you to the superadmin group. Now simply open the console by typing !menu in chat, or ulx_menu in your client console.


If you wish to open up your ULX menu from a button, open up your client side console and type the following command:

bind b ulx_menu

If you don't know how to open up your console say this in local chat:

";con_enable 1;bind F12 toggleconsole;

Q: My server says "bad password" when executing the command?
A: This means the Rcon password you entered in is invalid, make sure it corresponds to the one placed either in the commandline or the server.cfg

Q: When I connected to the server, I did not get the rank i wanted?
A: As mentioned above, this method ONLY works if you are connected and playing on the correct server.

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