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This article will show you how to set a password for your Valheim Game Server.

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Setting a password on your Valheim Game Server:

1. You can set or change the password on your Valheim game server by accessing the game panel and viewing your server. Press the "Stop" button.

Valheim - Stop Server



2. Next, click/tap on the "Commandline Manager" icon.

Valheim - Commandline Manager



3. Once there, click Modify on the commandline, you will then see options to define your Password. Set/change your password to what you want, it must be at least 5-6 characters long without special characters ( " or ' or , etc ). Smaller passwords have been found to not let the server start. Hit "Apply" once you're done.

Valheim - Password Parameter


4. Head back to your game panel and press "Start" to start your server. Your new password should now be applied to your Valheim server!



Here is a video showing you how to change your server password for your Valheim Server:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I cannot find my server in the steam browser!

Check the password you set, it should be 6 characters at least, e.g. 123456. If you have less than 6, the server will not start correctly. Also make sure you are using the QUERY port and not the game port when using steam, if in-game via the join IP option, use the game port.

How to enable Cross-play for my Valheim Server?

You can enable cross-play in your Commandline Manager. Click on Active/Modify, tick the cross-play box and hit apply. Restart the server and play with Steam, Xbox, and Game Pass users! Follow this guide for a more detailed instructions.


How to become an Admin in my Valheim Server?

You can do this via the Configuration Files. Read this comprehensive guide to learn how to become admin and how to use admin commands in your Valheim server.


How to fix the "Incompatible Version" error when joining my Valheim server?

You only need to update your Valheim server to the latest version. You can easily do that by following this guide.


Can I upload my own Valheim world file to Citadel servers?

Yes, you absolutely can. This guide will teach you everything you need to upload your custom world save to Citadel Servers.



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