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This articles shows you how to manage and upload Arma 3 mission files to your server.
Method 1 - File Manager
  1. Navigate to the File Manager section of your game panel.
  2. Find the mpmissions folder and open it.
  3. Add the file by clicking the Upload button at the toolbar.
Method 2 - FTP Client
  1. You will need to download a free FTP client. Click here to do so.
  2. Move your file to the mpmissions folder.

How do I make my server run the mission?
Go into the configuration files and text editor for server.cfg

How can I manage the Mission Cycle?
At the bottom of your server.cfg you have a section where you can pre-load your missions for when the server starts up. Take the name of the mission file you just placed in the folder and put it in the mission cycle section. Below is an example:
If the mission file you downloaded was called "Mission1.Altis.pbo, you will have to enter it like this in the template section (see below). Exclude ".pbo". The .Altis at the end of the map name tells the server what map the server is going to use, the first part is just the name of the mission you are going to play. If its left blank, on server startup people will be able to vote for a map of their choice, rather than the one you want.

class Missions
class Mission1

How do I add multiple missions to cycle through?
Same as above, but with multiple mission classes. See the example below:

class Missions{

class Mission1





class Mission2








Can I have different maps in the mission cycle?

Yes, you can cycle between different maps, i.e. Altis, Stratis and Virtual Reality.

Can I have missions that require different mods?

Yes, but you need to initialize all the mods via the Commandline Manager. You can turn mods on and off without restarting the server.

Can I have different difficulties?

Yes, set them per mission.

What happens if I leave the mission section blank?

When players join they will be able to vote for missions in your MPMission folder. (If you're logged in as Admin you can force a particular mission)

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