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This article intends to show you the basics of your GTA 5 Rage multiplayer server.

Your server's folder structure

  • Client_packages: Is the Client side. (Client-side allows you to draw GUI or do CEF work.
  • Packages: is the Server side. (Server-side allows you to manage the player and create your own world)
  • Maps: Allows your to load maps into your world. Only Json form maps are allowed. (Big JSON Size maps sometimes won't load or takes alot of time to load)
  • Plugins: Allows you to put your own dll plugins.
  • conf.json: This file allows you to manage your server. For more information Click Here.

Rage MP Mods
Rage uses node.js and .js for scripting.
You can install mods from the mods section of the game control panel, or upload your own via file manager\FTP client (click here for the guide), there are many mods that can be installed from the offical website.

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