Uploading or Moving Local\Client World for Don't Starve Together Print

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Chester Citadel Servers Knowledge base Archive for Don't Starve Together. 

This guide will help you move your client save to your Don't Starve Together Server

Make sure you stop your servers first.

1. Open your client saved files in your library 

2. Follow this path - C:\Users\James-LP\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\client_save
dont starve together client_save directory.jpg

3. Copy these files here. 

4. Then login to your game panel and go to File Manager.

5. When you're in File Manager, follow this path - \ServerFiles\DoNotStarveTogether\Server\Master\save\

6. Paste your copied files here.

dont starve together master save file manager.jpg

7. Restart your server and enjoy your game! 

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