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This is a guide to get you started as quickly as possible.

1. Log in to your game panel.

2. Make sure your server is stopped. Click the Stop button if your server is running.

3. Click the Configuration Files button.

4. Locate the file you want to edit and click the Config Editor option.
5. Edit the settings you want to change.
(List of settings and files where they can be found are listed below)

6. Click Save.

Alternatively, you can edit the file in raw using the Text Editor option.
However, we recommend using the Configuration Editor option as this is easier to use.
Files and Settings

File: Engine.ini
Variable Syntax Explanation
ServerName ServerName=My Server Sets the name that will be displayed in the server list.
ServerPassword ServerPassword=Password123 Sets the server password that will need to be entered to join the server. Leave blank for no password.

File: ServerSettings.ini
Variable Syntax Explanation
AdminPassword AdminPassword=SecretPassword Sets the administrative password for the server. This will grant players administrative rights when used from the settings menu in-game.
MaxNudity MaxNudity=2 Sets the maximum nudity level allowed on the server. (0=None, 1=Partial, 2=Full)
PVPBlitzServer PVPBlitzServer=False Enables/disables Blitz mode. (accelerated progression)
PVPEnabled PVPEnabled=True Enables/disables PvP on the server.
serverRegion serverRegion=1 Sets the server's region. (0=EU, 1=NA, 2=Asia)
ServerCommunity ServerCommunity=3 Sets the server's play style (0=None, 1=Purist, 2=Relaxed, 3=Hard Core, 4=Role Playing, 5=Experimental)
IsBattlEyeEnabled IsBattlEyeEnabled=False Enables/disables BattlEye protection for the server.
Game Port: 27000
Steam Port: 27021
Steam Query Port: 27020
Polling Port: 27003

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