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The following guide will teach you how to install Bukkit and Bukkit plugins on your server.

Installing Bukkit

First of all you'll want to navigate to your "Mod Manager" in your game control panel.

You'll then want to press the arrow next to "CraftBukkit" to expand the group.

You'll want to install the latest version of Bukkit, "CraftBukkit 1.8.3-R0.1". To do so, simply press "Install" as shown below.

You'll then need to wait for it to finish installing.

And that's it, you have now installed Bukkit on your server.

Installing Bukkit Plugins

To install Bukkit plugins, you'll first need to navigate to "BukGet" in your game control panel.

Then you'll want to press the drop down menu next to "Category" to select a category.

After you've selected a category, you'll now be able to select a plugin to install. For this example we'll be installing "AbsoluteMedic v2.0".

And that's it, you're done! If you followed the steps above, you should now have successfully installed Bukkit and the Bukkit plugins you want.

Did the above steps not work for you? Please contact our support and we'll help you out!

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