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What iss Valheim Plus Mod

Getting started with Valheim Plus

To play the Valheim Plus mod framework you need a copy of Valheim which can be bought on steam or a key website, once you have that you can download the mod from our website. There is a client and a server version of this mod framework.

Installing Valheim Plus Mod

Server Version/Files If you have a Valheim Game server with us, we provide this as a one click install for Valheim Plus that you can find in the game panel, we also provide many submods. Simply clicking Uninstall/Install will retrieve the latest version of this in our game panel.

Client Files for Valheim Plus

Client Files for the mod

Go to the Valheim Plus releases page and download the version you want. Generally, you will just want the latest version ( Windows Client version ). You then need to locate your files in your steam directory for Valheim, Usually this is located in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\valheim but this location can change based on your Terraria installation. You can also do this via the Steam application. Find Valheim in your steam library, right click it and open the Properties window. Navigate to the 'Local files' tab and click 'Browse local files' Right click the downloaded .zip file you downloaded and check it's not blocked by clicking Properties. Make sure to hit unblock if it says so at the bottom. If this does not appear, close the window. Extract the contents of the .zip to where you download it. You can use applications such as Winrar or 7zip to do this, Windows 10 should also be able to do this by itself. Now select all the extracted files and copy all of them to the Valheim folder you located. Make sure to let it overwrite files when it asks.

Your client version of Valheim should now be installed!

Valheim Plus Description

Valheim Plus is a HarmonyX Mod aimed at improving the gameplay quality of Valheim. The mod includes several different main features including modifiers to ingame stats of players, buildings and entities and a sophisticated system to build and place objects with high precision and a system to modify already placed objects with high precision. The general goal is to provide V+ as a base modification for your gameplay to increase quality of life, change difficulty or have a better experience in general. The mod also comes with a version and configuration control system for servers and users, allowing servers to make sure that only people with the same configuration are able to join their servers. This mod also allows you to extend beyond 10 players and allows you to disable the password to have a public server, greatly expanding the possibilities of having a large Valheim community server.

Valheim Plus Mod

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