Citadel Server's Game panel is highly customized and optimised for all the games we host for our clients, we have focused on developing addon systems to the control panel to bring you ultimate control and power over your game servers. The control panel allows easy configuration of game settings,

Server updates, map changing, and server customization are done with ease, giving you authoritative and powerful control over your server. Our control panel is easy to use and we offer a large repository of video guides, written guides and knowledgebase, owning a game server could not be easier. We are constantly updating and developing our control panel to bring you the latest features for all of the games we host.


Over 60+ customised game setups
Active 24/7 Statistics for all games and services
One-Click updating for Gameservers using Steam & Punkbuster supported games
One Panel to manage all your games and voice services
24/7 Monitoring and Notifications for all games and services
Live Sync update for games that do not support Steam
Full User and Permission Management Suite. Create sub accounts to manage your servers Over 1000 custom scripts to help you manage your service
Instant automated setup for our servers. No need to wait hours for your game server to be setup manually. Less waiting, more gaming.
Email notifications to keep you up to date on news and updates for your servers
Optimised game configurations to make sure you get the most out of your server. Access services such as Fast Download, mysql databases, knowledgebase directly from the panel.