New Atlas map Blackwood supported

  • Sunday, 28th July, 2019
  • 20:20pm

New Atlas map Blackwood is now supported here at citadel servers.

"Today’s free DLC update for the ATLAS delivers the long-awaited map Blackwood! Prepare for a dark twist on the Equatorial biome with dark jungles, caves, alcoves, villages, homes, farms, and an interesting array of animals. Wade through thick green waters teeming with dangerous creatures, rare plant life, and the occasional Gorgon to find buried treasure, sunken ships, explore the Mermaid City and experience a new spin on fighting the Hydra and Dragon with transient spawn locations. The Blackwood map was created by Iso, the level designer behind ARK: Survival Evolved’s popular mod-map Crystal Isles. Blackwood was designed to be used for single servers an example of a stunning mod map that can be hosted unofficially. This specific map will be set up so that it still enables all the mechanics that ATLAS has to offer, whilst hosting it as a standalone server with no database setup required! Blackwood will support the importing and exporting of characters and their inventories (an optional setting for the host), so you can keep your progress and dive right in to explore this beautiful map!"

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